Resolution Process

This problem-resolution process is available to web users with disabilities who are members of the University of California, Berkeley community. It is intended to address web accessibility issues that pose a barrier to Berkeley web users who need access in order to enjoy the benefits, and fulfill the responsibilities, as members of the Berkeley community. While members of the public in general may also share their awareness of web accessibility problems, highest priority is given to resolving web accessibility barriers encountered by members of the Berkeley community.

Working together toward a resolution

If a user of a UC Berkeley website finds that it is inaccessible (either because the website appears to be not usable and/or not in conformity with WCAG 2.0AA), the first step is for the user to report the problem to the website's functional owner, describing in detail the problem encountered. The functional owner is advised to contact the Web Accessibility team for expertise and assistance. The Web Accessibility team does not work directly with the web user.

When consulted by a functional owner (who is responding to an individual report that a website is not accessible), the Web Accessibility team will provide the functional owner a written description of identified steps that need to be taken to address the accessibility issues reported by the web user. In turn, the functional owner will inform the user of the anticipated date by which the Web Accessibility team recommendations will be implemented.

After the functional owner indicates to the web user that all Web Accessibility team recommended steps have been taken, if the individual still finds the website unusable/inaccessible, then the individual may file a complaint with Disability Access & Compliance by emailing or calling (510) 643-8996.

Upon being notified by Disability Access & Compliance that a web accessibility complaint has been filed, the functional owner will provide Disability Access & Compliance with a copy of the Web Accessibility team recommendations and steps taken by the functional owner to implement those recommendations.

After investigating the web user's accessibility problem, Disability Access & Compliance will inform the web user whether the University will be taking additional steps to address the web accessibility issues reported by the web user. While most web accessibility issues have a solution, there are some web accessibility problems for which there is not yet a feasible technological solution. Whenever a web user with a disability does not have access to a UC Berkeley website (for whatever reason), the goal of the University is to provide an alternative comparable method for the web user with a disability to access the website content and/or participate in the program offered to others online.