Prepare for a Web Access Review

By taking care of a few items before the Web Accessibility team reviews your site, you can be assured that your time will be well-spent, and that everyone in attendance will benefit from the review.

  • Review the following helpful sections of this website:
  • If your project is not yet live to the public, send any development link(s) beforehand to
  • If the project requires a login and password or other special account access/setup, grant access (with appropriate permissions) to the Web Accessibility team, and provide the necessary information beforehand.
  • If creating an account and/or logging in to your site is a common task performed by your audience, keep that in mind, as this task should be tested during the review as well.
  • If you have prepared a task list (that you submitted with our Request a Clinic form), keep that list handy and review your site beforehand to make sure that all the tasks can be easily completed.
  • Prior to the review, please be sure that you've run through these tasks yourselves and that the appropriate guest authentication has been tested and will be available during the review.
  • Invite other members of your team (such as colleagues who are also affiliated with the work on your website) to attend the review. Send any additional names of attendees to so that the team can schedule accordingly.