What's Next?

You have gone through the self-assessment process, so what's next?

What if there's a problem that I don't know how to fix?

Email the Web Accessibility team (webaccess@berkeley.edu) with any questions you might have. The team can also schedule a clinic to do some in-person testing of your website.

I've tested my website for accessibility and fixed the issues. Am I done now?

Much like anything related to technology, web accessibility is an ongoing process that will continue to evolve and change. As a result, websites should be regularly tested for accessibility, and accessibility should be kept in mind as websites are modified.

Should I do some end-user testing? If so, how do I do that?

End-user testing is highly recommended. Often times, a screen reader user will be able to point out issues that might not be found by automated tools. If you are aware of any visitors to your website who use assistive technology, ask them to test your site. Additionally, the Web Accessibility team at Berkeley offers clinics that can serve as end-user testing.

Is Screen Reader Testing Enough

Presentation from the 2014 International Technology & Persons with Disabilities Conference: Is Screen Reader Testing Enough?