Request a Web Access Review

Achieving web accessibility for campus sites, systems, and applications requires a campus commitment to accessibility and the involvement of multiple teams.

In order for the Web Access team to do a review of a campus system or application, the functional owner of the system or application is required to do the following.

Campus Team Requirements for Requesting a Web Access Review

  1. Complete the DIY Accessibility Checklist to the best of their ability. If the person requesting a clinic is not a developer, or if they do not have development access to the system or application, then they can fill out the “Keyboard Testing” section of the checklist. See Keyboard Testing Tips for instructions on how to test for accessibility using the keyboard. Mobile apps can use the “Mobile Testing” section instead.
  2. Once completed, send a copy of the DIY Accessibility Checklist to the Web Access team. By doing this, the functional owner is acknowledging that web accessibility is shared campus commitment.

If the functional owner does not complete the checklist as described above, then the Web Access team will not be able to hold the requested review. 

General Information and Resources

The campus functional owner is responsible for addressing overall accessibility issues throughout the lifecycle of the campus system and application (desktop, web-based, or mobile), and ensuring compliance with the systemwide policy (WCAG 2.0AA).

There are resources available for addressing accessibility:

  • Open Berkeley: fully-managed website solution for campus websites. Since accessibility is built into the platform, Open Berkeley websites do not need to be reviewed in a Web Access clinic. Open Berkeley Site Builders/Editors/Contributors should follow best practices for content creators when using the platform’s tools to work on their websites.
  • Siteimprove: The UC has a systemwide contract with Siteimprove, an automated accessibility tool. This tool will often catch common accessibility issues, such as heading structure and alt text. All websites (including Open Berkeley websites) are strongly encouraged to enroll in Siteimprove.
  • DIY Accessibility Checklist: This robust checklist is designed to be used throughout the website development process, and was created based on the Web Access team’s experiences with reviewing websites for accessibility.
  • Keyboard Testing: One of the best ways a developer can ensure that they’ve created an accessible foundation for their product is to test it using only the keyboard. Keyboard accessibility is part of the WCAG 2.0 standard. The Keyboard Testing checklist can help developers ensure keyboard accessibility.

Priorities and Processes

The Web Accessibility team will review clinic submissions, and follow up with possible times for conducting the review.

The Web Access team reserves two time slots per month for Web Access clinics. Campuswide systems, applications, and web-based products will receive priority for the available clinic slots.

Other campus websites should use Siteimprove, the DIY accessibility checklist, and keyboard testing (mentioned in the above list) to assess accessibility. These campus website owners should follow the guidelines listed on the Website Owner Responsibilities page on the Disability Access & Compliance website.

These websites will not be prioritized for Web Access clinics unless there are special circumstances, e.g., a specific request from Disability Access & Compliance, the Office of the CIO, the campus Privacy office, the Information Security Office, or the DNS Admin teams, or the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

Open Web Access Reviews

Web Access reviews are typically "open," which means that in addition to the product owners/developers, other campus members who have subscribed to our Web Access mailing list are invited to attend.

Open clinics allow other campus teams to:

  • Get an introduction to accessibility and why it’s important
  • See a screen reader demo in person
  • Learn accessibility best practices from other developers
  • Understand the accessibility clinic process before requesting a review of their own system, application, product

If the system/application/product needs to be reviewed with only the campus functional owner and team for any reason, please convey this information to the Web Access team when requesting a review.