Request a Web Access Clinic

Thank you for requesting a Web Access clinic. This information will help us set the agenda for the meeting and also ensure that all your needs are met in the clinic.

The Web Accessibility team will review your submission and follow up with possible times for conducting the review. Your submission will not be shared outside of the Web Accessibility team at UC Berkeley.

Important Note:

The Web Access team will provide a report to the campus team after the clinic containing a list of any issues found, as well as recommended fixes. This report is provided in order to assist campus teams with finding and fixing accessibility issues. It does not ensure accessibility compliance nor is it an endorsement of the site reviewed. 

Issues listed in the report are intended for the purpose of facilitating remediation by the campus functional owner. The list is not intended to be comprehensive; do not assume accessibility compliance if an item is not listed.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the campus functional owner to address overall accessibility issues throughout the lifecycle of the website or web application and ensure compliance with the systemwide policy (WCAG 2.0AA).

Open Web Access Clinics

Our Web Access clinics are typically "open," which means that in addition to the website owners/developers, other campus members who have subscribed to our Web Access mailing list are invited to attend.

Open clinics allow other campus teams to:

  1. Get an introduction to accessibility and why it’s important
  2. See a screen reader demo in person
  3. Learn accessibility best practices from other developers
  4. Understand the accessibility clinic process before requesting a review of their own site or application

If you have a question about open clinics, please email

NOTE: Web Access clinics are only available for UC Berkeley websites/products, as well as websites/products used at a UC-wide level.

Open Berkeley

If you have a managed Open Berkeley site, then requesting a Web Access clinic will not be necessary! With Open Berkeley, accessibility is embedded into the platform.

As a Site Builder/Editor/Contributor on an Open Berkeley site, there are still best practices you can follow from a content creation perspective to ensure that your content is as accessible as possible to people with disabilities.

If you have any questions about these best practices, or if you don't know whether or not you have a managed Open Berkeley site, please email If you are interested in signing up for an Open Berkeley website, please visit