What is a Web Access clinic?

Web Access clinics at UC Berkeley

The following process takes place at a Web Access clinic:

  • The website owner and developers (people who work on the project) sit down with the Web Accessibility team.
  • The screen reader user connects her laptop to a projector and opens the website or project that is the subject of the clinic.
  • The screen reader user reads through the first few pages using a screen reader and points out any initial issues.
  • Following this initial run-through, the screen reader user will often attempt to complete tasks typically performed by site visitors (such as filling out a form or finding specific pages), to determine if there are any accessibility blockers.
  • Based on these findings, the Web Accessibility team will help determine the most critical accessibility errors found (if any), and provide recommendations for implementing fixes.

Open Clinics benefit everyone!

Our Web Access clinics are typically "open," which means that in addition to the website owners/developers, other campus members who have subscribed to our Web Access mailing list are invited to attend.

Open clinics allow other campus teams to:

  1. Get an introduction to accessibility and why it’s important
  2. See a screen reader demo in person
  3. Learn accessibility best practices from other developers
  4. Understand the accessibility clinic process before requesting a review of their own site or application

Scheduling Open Clinics

The first and third Monday of every month are available for open clinics (based on demand; see the Web Access calendar for available dates).

Ready to request a clinic? Find out how to prepare.


All open Web Access clinics take place at 2111 Bancroft Way (the "Banway" building), in room 441B, unless otherwise specified.

Please note that Banway is a locked building - please call the conference room at 510-642-1597 when you arrive, and someone will come down to let you in.