What does the Web Accessibility team at UC Berkeley do?

September 15, 2014

I heard that UC Berkeley has a Web Accessibility team. What does the team do?

You heard correctly! UC Berkeley does have a Web Accessibility team - in fact, that team built this website, and I work with them regularly to answer these Ask Pecan questions!

The Web Accessibility team is a part of the Web Platform Services group in the Berkeley IT - Campus IT Experience department. They are here to help UC Berkeley departments make their websites and web-based products accessible to people with disabilities, and to adhere to the UC Information Technology Accessibility Policy. Their services include building accessible web platform solutions, providing online resources and tools, offering clinics and reviews, and providing consulting to campus teams.

This means that the Web Accessibility team is available for your questions regarding web accessibility (email webaccess@berkeley.edu). Additionally, you can sign up for a Web Access clinic, where the Web Access team will review your campus websites or web application for accessibility and provide direct feedback to the website owners and developers.

To learn more about what the Web Access team does and the services they provide to the campus, check out this awesome Web Access cartoon on our About page, created by our friends in IT Policy, Erika Donald and Lisa Ho!