Cartoon about Web Accessibility services at UC Berkeley

Are you curious about the Web Accessibility services provided by the team at UC Berkeley? This cartoon helps explain!

This cartoon was created by our campus friends, Erika Donald and Lisa Ho.

Here is the transcript of the cartoon. PANEL 1, First square: Staff employee Jorge is seen holding his wrist. He appears to be in some discomfort. The caption reads: "Jorge suffers from Repetitive Stress Syndrome. Some days it interferes with doing his job." Second square: A hand is shown with red arrows of pain radiating from the wrist. The caption reads: "Ouch!" Third square: Jorge is seen talking to a doctor. The caption reads: "His doctor suggests he avoid using the mouse and just use keyboard commands instead." Fourth square: A hand is shown resting on a keyboard. The caption reads: "But he finds he can't use his department's new web form using only the keyboard." Fifth square: Jorge is seen walking up the stairwell. The caption reads: "Jorge decides to talk to the web form developer to ask if the form can be updated so that keyboard shortcuts work." Sixth square: The web developer is seen scratching his head. The caption reads: "But he isn't sure how to fix the form either." PANEL 2, First square: Jorge and the web developer appear as silhouettes in front of a computer monitor. On the monitor is the main UC Berkeley web page with the image of Chancellor Dirks. In the search field of the website the word "WebAccess" is seen. The caption reads: "They go to Berkeley.edu and find the new web access site." Second square: Jorge and the web developer appear as silhouettes with a thought bubble showing they have the same thought: "This is just what we need!" Third square: People are seated around a table. Laptops are open. The caption reads: "They attend a Web Access meeting and get valuable feedback from the group.” Fourth square: Cartoon dialogue bubbles appear against a red background. The dialogue is from the Web Access meeting where the team provides steps to make the web form accessible. The bubbles read from top to bottom: "Then you click the Add button." "Look in the source code. It's just a SPAN with some buttony styles added." "Can I use the BUTTON tag? "Sure!" Fifth square: A guide dog appears resting at the foot of the meeting room chairs. The dog's thought bubble reads: "Or you can train me to use the mouse..." The caption reads: "Even guide dog Frances has helpful ideas." Sixth square: There is no image in this square. Only text that reads: "Need your website or application reviewed by the WebAccess Team?"

Send mail to: webaccess@berkeley.edu or visit them online at: http://webaccess.berkeley.edu.