About WebAccess

“How does a person who is blind or has low vision read the Web? Can hearing-impaired people use webcasts? How do people who do not use a mouse, perhaps because of repetitive stress injuries, navigate the Web? For a person with a learning disability such as dyslexia, what can make a web page more accessible?

These are the questions that a small, grassroots group of staff, students, and faculty from across the campus have been learning about and sharing with interested campus web developers since January 2005.” [iNews article, Spring 2006.]

The WebAccess group meets twice monthly to help web developers make their sites more accessible, review the latest advances in web technology, advocate for more accessible information, and share our expertise with the campus and the larger community. The group created this site as a resource for web developers, assistive technology users, managers and supervisors, and anyone else who wants to make sure that online information and tools are accessible to all members of the Berkeley community regardless of disability.

Support for this project came from a BILD (Berkeley Institute for Leadership in Diversity) grant in 2007-2008.

Evaluating and improving your website

WebAccess can help you improve your site’s accessibility by conducting clinic at one of our weekly meetings. See our evaluations page for more information about the process, and contact us to schedule a time.